Thoughts on a Life Well Lived


The first podcast is coming!

I am quite new to all things website, blog, podcast, etc. I have been enjoying the learning process of constructing this site and beginning the podcast, but it has been just that: a learn process. It has been a lengthy process to get this site in working order and acquire the necessary audio equipment and expertise to publish the first podcast. I believe that I have everything figured out now. The proper equipment is on order and the podcasting will commence upon its arrival. I can see that there have already been visitors to the site and subscribers to the podcast and I am quite grateful for the early support. Please excuse the lack of website content and use of silly pictures and videos. Much of the current content is only a place holder from the current photos on my computer. Look for big changes to come to in the coming weeks! Thank you again for your patience and support as we put together all the pieces necessary to begin the podcast!

The plan for the early podcast episodes are (in no particular order) as follows:

  • an introductory episode with Brandon Brooks to get our feet wet and test the audio equipment and upload process. Topics will be varied and fun, I'm sure.
  • a discussion of the 10,000 Kettlebell Swing program of which Brandon and I have currently completed the first 30% 
  • C Street CrossFit - Mechanics of Movement - Lecture Topics
    • a series of several episodes with Brandon, Carolyn Vaughn, and Dennis Pelina that will cover all of the Mechanics course lecture topics. These will be hosted here but also most likely be added to the gym page as part of the Mechanics course package.
  • several more episodes with Brandon (and various and yet undetermined guests) on a variety of subject matter. Early ideas include:
    • the importance of rest and recovery
    • supplementation for mood, sleep, and recovery
    • Virtuosity - Getting your fitness priorities in line
    • Will Power - When to stay strong and when to reward yourself

Over the coming weeks I will do my best to perfect the audio set up and upload process so that we can begin cranking out podcasts. I will also begin putting together a schedule of guests. This will be released as soon as I have a solid schedule lined up.

Thank you again for the patience and support and stay tuned for the first episode coming this weekend (pending the arrival of a few pieces of audio equipment).

- Justin