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An Evening With The Minimalists

While constantly in transit I find it difficult to consistently progress all of the writing projects in my queue. I have an ever growing idea log for essays I'd like to research and write and plans to begin outlining a book. I  plan to fall back into a daily writing practice now that I have arrived in Iceland. I will be here for 2-3 weeks and should have the opportunity to settle into more of a routine.

I do find myself dedicating long hours into daily journaling though. I have decided to share journal entries that happen to come out particularly meaningful. They will be posted in their entirety, as I a wrote them at the time, free from editing with the exception of minor typos and grammatical errors. All will be included in the Journal category on the blog. Please enjoy the first edition.

I asked Joshua and Ryan to sign my Kindle rather than a copy of the book. Seemed fitting as that is where I read Everything That Remains.

  • October 21, 2014
  • Manchester Airport
  • Bar MCR - Breakfast
  • 4:53am
  • As I eat and wait for a 6:35am flight to Reykjavik, Iceland.

Last night I met The Minimalists. It was completely worth the additional time/money/effort to make a detour to the UK [between Oslo and Reykjavik] to see them. I didn't need any convincing in regards to their message and the prepared part of the talk they delivered was largely the same as I have seen on YouTube. It was worth it because of the passion and conviction in their story that oozes out of them during a physical telling. I approached Ryan before the talk and we spoke for the 15 minutes before the show began. As soon as I walked up and stuck my hand out to shake he jumped up and gave me a hug. We didn't dig too deep as the show was about to begin but I could sense something that shined in him that I am beginning to feel in myself. It is the deep contentment a person can feel when they live completely by their own will. He is living exactly the life that he wants and the effect on his person is remarkable. This is not to say that he does not have challenges, goals, or bouts of discontent. Underneath all of that though, is a person that loves who he is and the path that he is traveling. I sense the same from Joshua even though our personal interaction was confined to a hug and few quick words after the show. His public speaking and beautiful prose embody the same richness of life and love of who he is. These two men have provided us with countless compelling essays, books, and speeches, but they have given me even more.

I admire them most not for minimalism, a concept I had largely come to embrace before finding their blog, but for their commitment to their own well-being through leading deliberate lives and their commitment to helping others through various charitable acts and working so hard to share their message. I have been in the process of paring down the distractions in my life to focus on what truly matters long before beginning my travels. I have felt in myself a dramatic shift beginning to take place as this new found freedom and purpose awaken my spirit. I feel so much inspiration and strength of conviction for the changes I have made when I feel the passion that spills out of Ryan and Joshua.

To Ryan and Joshua - Thank you. Your story has had a profound effect on me and for that I am truly grateful. I look forward to following the next steps of your journey and reading your coming works.

To Anyone Else Whom Might Read This - If you have never visited I encourage you to do so. It shares the story of two very special men and serves as a wonderful guide to begin leading a more deliberate life. I enjoyed (and highly recommend) many other pieces from their collected works, especially their most recent, Everything That Remains.


See my post about What Minimalism Means to Me. Thanks for reading. 

- Justin