Thoughts on a Life Well Lived


Examination: Focus

I believe one of the most important habits that a person can practice is self-examination or self-study. Ask yourself the tough questions about who and what you are and how you operate. Express your love for your self with ruthless honesty.

I feel most contemplative in the morning and often journal about these tough questions. I share the beginning of a recent journal entry in hopes that it inspires your own self-study.

Our attention brings ideas and things into reality. Our attention is always focused on something, whether by conscious choice or not. It is always bringing something to bear. Our minds focus is the filter through which all conscious and unconscious decisions pass. Where does my focus point?

Is my attention focused on the positive changes I aim to make in myself? Is my attention focused on pushing forward professionally and personally?

Am I focused on the unfortunate circumstance around me, perpetuating a cycle of negative feelings and negative outcomes?

Am I allowing old patterns and habits to hijack my attention preventing me from progressing forward?

Our world is a reflection of our own hearts and focused attention.

Where does mine point?

My answers to these questions are my own but they help inform and craft my thoughts and behavior. It amazes me the type of changes this open and honest self-dialog can bring about. 

Where does your focused attention point?