Thoughts on a Life Well Lived


A Coach's Manifesto

Our cells possess an intelligence that informs our physical growth and prosperity. Like the cells of the tree that are rich with the wisdom of how to grow tall and strong, our bodies innately know how to thrive. 

Through postures, movements flows, and our breath we bridge the gap between our intellectual wisdom and the innate wisdom our bodies. By kindling this divine spark within our selves we can ignite a fire that will burn bright with health and vitality.

We all have a vast and innate capability for amazing movements and wide ranging emotions. I am called as a coach to guide others to ignite their fire to help them experience the fullness of life and the possible richness of this existence.

“Our body is the home of our spirit. It is the means by which we enact our beliefs. Therefore, the maintenance of the body is a spiritual duty, an act of love not only toward ourselves but toward all humanity.” - Rolf Gates

My heart lit up and I nearly leapt our of my seat when I first read this quote. I am struck not only by the eloquent grace of the statement but how perfectly Rolf captures what I feel my calling on this Earth to be.

I truly believe the maintenance of our physical bodies to be one of the most worthy pursuits. Please do not mistake this for the cultivation of an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Our bodies are so much more than simply a temporary collection of tissue that move us through the world. They serve us in every possible pursuit.

Our bodies are the interface through which we experience other people and the world around us. Ill health is a dirty window. We experience the world not for what it truly is but through a filter mired in the filth that we have neglected to wipe away.

Our bodies are the source of some of the deepest pleasure we can ever feel. The sun on your face, a tight hug, feet in the sand, sitting after hours on your feet, an incredible sexual experience. We hardly ever notice the immense pleasure of these moments. Think back to the last time you paused to bask in the pleasure of a particularly enjoyable physical sensation. An intimate relationship with our bodies brings a present awareness to the possible richness of our physical existence.

Our bodies are the vehicle by which we express our selves, our values, and the work that we do. I agree with nearly every spiritual tradition in the assertion that we are not our bodies, but I assert that our bodies are the sole vessel through which we can express what we are. Physical and psychological maladies of neglect and disconnect diminish your capacity for empathy and warmth.

This is not to say that one must be a runway model or in the “buff, bronze, and bitchen club” to make a positive impact in the world. Quite to the contrary. When our personal internal fire burns bright with health and self-love we can better shine outward with our love and compassion. To be the best friend, spouse, lover, parent, or sibling you can be, strive first to be the best version of your self.

“Action expresses priority” - Gandhi

The more I look inward to understand what I am and how best to care for myself, the more I understand other people and my role in this life. My personal health and fitness journey was simply the gateway to a wider understanding of my body and how it informs my everyday reality. I began with the aim to become a more capable mover and athlete. My journey evolved into seeking to become the best human I can be.

Through nurturing and training my body I awakened something deeper. I have always enjoyed coaching others to become strong and mobile movers but I now understand this to be a higher calling.

Not everyone will become a highly competitive athlete. In fact, most of us will not. Everyone however, can cultivate a deeper relationship with their body. Everyone can better understand how best to care for themselves. Everyone can elevate their physical capacity. Everyone can enhance their experience in this life by igniting their body’s innate yearning for health and strength and happiness.

As a coach I commit to constant educational growth in natural movement, strength and conditioning, nutrition, gymnastics, recovery, mobility, corrective and restorative exercise, yoga and any other means of enhancing our physical, mental, and emotional experience. Each body is incredibly different. Each individuals’ life, priorities, and desires vary. I study and practice widely to acquire a comprehensive toolbox to draw from.

I want to help you craft habits and practices that align with your lifestyle to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Whether you are the strongest athlete or just taking your first steps I can help guide your journey.

If you are interested in working with me, I encourage you check out what I offer. Please feel free to reach out with any questions and comments. I hope to hear from and/or work with you soon! 


Author’s Note: As so often happens, this piece grew into something entirely different than intended. The idea spark was simply about our bodies innate tendency toward health. I feel that if we can tap into our deeper selves, often the path to health and wellness unfolds naturally. Words began to flow and this grew into a manifesto of my entire wellness paradigm and why I do what I do.