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My final California morning. Such a lovely place to leave behind.

It is early morning September 17th, 2014, the morning of my embarkation on what will surely be the experience of a lifetime. I have risen earlier than usual as the mounting anticipation of my pending travels overrules my body's desire to continue sleeping.

My excitement for this trip is an all together new sensation. I am not giddy with anticipation like one usually is before a vacation. Nor I am I nervous or apprehensive. So much of excitement and apprehension is tied up in expectation, of which I do not have many. I have not yet decided the where, when, what, and duration of my stops over the coming weeks, months, and years. The odd type of excitement I feel is not doubt due to my lack of expectations. This is not just a quick break from life, this is a complete life shift. I know my near future will be full of both wonderful and trying experiences and I am ready for them all.

Over the last few weeks I have said a lot of good-byes. I felt a common vein through most of these encounters. There were the usual sad farewells, but also nearly everyone expressed their excitement for the places I will see, the people I will meet, the experiences I will have. All of these are absolutely cause for significant excitement but my primary excitement lays in the broader picture.

I know that I will have incredible experiences and I quite excited for all of them, but my primary excitement comes from how my life will change. More than the individual experiences I am most excited to exercise the freedom that I have granted myself. More than excitement for the places and people I will come to know, I feel proud and empowered to have taken control of my life. A page turns today, bring on the next chapter!


I've said farewell to so many of late but there are so many more with whom I did not have the chance to speak. Good-bye to everyone in my life, I love and will miss you all. Your respective contributions, not matter how large or small, have shaped me into the man-cub that is bold enough to set out on this grand adventure. Thank you so much. Please stay in touch and I will try my best to do the same.

- Justin

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