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Announcing The Mentorship Program

I have always thought of myself as both a consummate student and teacher. I have a deep passion toward mastery and my own personal progress. I constantly seek new knowledge and explore new ways of living healthy and happy life. 

My passion for helping others exceeds even that for my own personal growth. I love the process of guiding others toward more happy, healthy, and fulfilling lives.

A universally perfect way of living does not exist. I have found many things that work for me. I also have insight into the type of things that work for many. I love to learn where people struggle, work with them to figure out a plan to improve in those areas, and help them to implement it.

I am beginning an online, one-on-one mentorship program.

I aim to help those who struggle to implement lasting changes. We will work together to overcome issues you have struggled with in the past. The focus is broad. I can help with nutrition and fitness, sleep and stress management, mindfulness and meditation, goal realization and accountability, and anywhere in between. 

Leadership brings great responsibility. To me, leadership is defined by two things: service and influence.

  1. Service - Building a close relationship with each person. Understanding where you need guidance and how best (physically, mentally, emotionally) to provide it. 
  2. Influence - Pointing an individual in the right direction. Pushing them toward their goal with encouragement, guidance, and accountability. Pulling them along by setting an example, paving the way, and embodying the changes to come.

I understand and fully embrace these responsibilities. 

I feel so strongly that my mission in this life is to be a teacher. I will always remain a student first, pushing my own journey forward, but I love sharing my knowledge and help others along their path. I am overjoyed to offer this program. It will be such a deep learning process. I hope that many lives will change (perhaps mine most of all).

Please review the Mentorship page for full details about the program and get in touch via email, comments below, or social media if you are interested. 

PLEASE NOTE: This program is completely free at the moment. I would love to (and plan to) monetize this service, but I want to offer it free until I have large group of overjoyed participants. I have several individuals interested at this time but please get in touch if you would like to start free of charge. 


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