Gymnastics workshops for all levels

Specialty Skills

90-minute sessions to hone a single movement

Hone the finer points of any gymnastics element with drills, mobility exercises, and progressions.

Popular options include:

  • Handstands
  • Pistols
  • Kipping Pull Ups, Chest to Bar, and Bar Muscle Ups
  • All Things Rings
  • Shoulder Stability and Mobility

3-Hour intensives

A deeper dive into many gymnastics skills.

Choose either:

Pulling Gymnastics

  • Pull Ups -Strict, Kipping, Butterfly
  • Bar Muscle Ups
  • Rings Dips
  • Ring Muscle Ups - Strict and Kipping

Handstands and pistols

  • Handstands (Progressions and freestanding)
  • Handstand Walks
  • Handstand Push Ups
  • Press to Handstand
  • Pistols

Full Day Workshop

Combine both 3-hour intensives into one awesome day!

3-hour morning session, 1 hour lunch, and 3 hour afternoon session.

This is a comprehensive dive into full-body gymnastics proficiency. You will not only move all of your skills forward but leave with a deeper understanding of your body and improved fluidity in every aspect of your training.

** Facility owners receive % of registration fees for hosting