Thoughts on a Life Well Lived

About Justin

Hi, I'm Justin Lind.

I’m a writer, coach, and teacher. I publish essays on this site and create essays and courses for Inspired Human Development, a project with my brother-in-arms, Shane. We aim to teach others to look outside of cultural norms to create their own path with strength and purpose.

I left an engineering career in 2014 and have traveled full-time ever since. After a year of solo travel slowed things down a bit and currently live a van to travel the US with my partner.

In addition to my writing here and work with IHD, I am a remote fitness coach. I work with individuals one-on-one to craft a fitness program around their lifestyle and goals. I also teach workshops for both for both gymnastics and kettlebells. I maintain this coaching website to house all of my free articles, free program, and coaching offerings.