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The Wandering Coach #1 - Supplementation for Mood and Sleep

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The first real episode of The Wandering Coach podcast. Before beginning a quick discussion of the content I would like to apologize for the audio quality of this podcast. Brandon and I were both eager to make the first episode but we did not have the capability to accommodate multiple microphones. We decided to set up one mic, sit down in front of it, press record, and see what happened. The audio level is a bit low but all other aspects of the recording went smoothly. This issue will be corrected for the second episode as mixer arrived today and currently sits next to me on the desk.

The first 30ish minutes of the recording was just a random discussion on an unrelated topic (Mermaids...more on that later). After talking and testing the equipment for nearly half an hour we decided to officially begin the episode and this post is that subsequent discussion.

Brandon and I have both been experimenting in with L-tryptophan for sleep improvement purposes. Myself out of pure intellectual curiosity, Brandon more out of necessity as a sleep aid. Brandon took it one step further to research and experiment with L-tryptophan (among other supplements) for mood improvement. Over a week or two he developed a daily regimen that proved quite effective. You will hear him profess the success of this supplement blend, but I can personally attest to the vast improvement in his mood and demeanor over the last several weeks. I thought there no better to kick off the podcast than by letting him share this journey.


- Justin