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The Wandering Coach Podcast

The Wandering Coach #2 - About Me

This episode is all about me and what I feel I can offer with this podcast. I have been struggling to write about myself for both the About Us and About Me page. It is something I have never done before and I find it a bit uncomfortable. I decided to make a solo podcast as a way to work out exactly what I wanted to convey about myself and my motivation and plan for the podcast. It is very much an organic dump of words from my mind rather than a carefully drafted bio. I feel I am more easily able to describe myself verbally than in writing. My hope is that in making this podcast I am better able to write a bio about myself and my background. I also feel that this episode adds a bit of sincerity and that those who have never met me will get a better sense of who am I than if they were to only read about me in writing. Please enjoy and drop me a line if you'd like. Thanks.

- Justin

Justin Lind