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TWC #5 - Rebirth of the Podcast

I've decided that this podcast will take a bit of a different direction. In making the first several episodes I've come to a new understanding of what I want this podcast to become. I enjoyed the structure and flow of the shorter, solo episodes. I plan to continue this format. I still plan to bring on as many guests to discuss their respective "expertise" as possible.

I also discovered that I was a bit uncomfortable with the outcome of Episodes 3 and 4. After much consideration I have decided to remove them. I struggled with this decision and I feel very strongly that what makes podcast so amazing is the organic feel. I love it can be an open exchange going in any direction. I don't think that heavy censorship has a place in podcasting. However, I also feel that if the outcome does not represent the authors intent, he/she has the option to not publish. When the 3rd and 4th episodes concluded I had very mixed feelings about them. They were fun and I enjoyed the process of making them but they also left me very uncomfortable. I almost did not upload them, bu I after I did I received a lot of feedback that confirmed my initial post-recording sentiments. We also lost a considerable number of subscribers. I refuse to let this post become a criticism or attack on the any of the parties involved or the topics discussed. Suffice to say that the episodes left me uncomfortable and they do not represent the face that I want this podcast to represent to the world. 

I am thankful for these removed episodes because they were a key part of my realization into what direction I want to take the podcast. I also realized that I am not only capable of making solo recordings but that is a rather fun pursuit. It is a new challenge that I embrace and look forward to conquering. This podcast will become a mostly solo venture upon my world travel embarkation, so why not start now?

Give this episode a listen and see what the future holds for The Wandering Coach Podcast.

- Justin

Justin Lind