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TWC#7 - Travel Stories with Adam Mulligan

 This was my favorite podcast thus far. I had the chance to sit down with an old buddy to discuss some of his recent adventures and projects.  I've known Adam since high school but we have not seen one another for quite some time. We spent the hole day catching up and this podcast was only one of the results. Adam has a film degree from CSU Long Beach and has been working in film and entertainment for the last few years. He has held several positions on film crews, does freelance film and videography work and even dabbles in stand up comedy from time to time. Adam saw some of my podcast and website posts on Facebook and approached me about making some video content for the website. We spent several hours filming an interview about my travel plans and my motivation and aims for the podcast, blog, and website. Be on the lookout for the that video coming in the near future.

Adam lived in England for the final semester of his film degree and had a few travel adventures after completing his schooling. He tells of a few crazy adventures with crazy locals, missed trains in Morocco, and dealing with British hecklers while doing stand up comedy abroad. 

This was a wonderfully fun podcast to make and I hope you enjoy the listen as much I enjoyed the conversation.

Where to Find Adam

Facebook:     Adam Mulligan

Instagram:     @mulliganmagic


(this website is a work in progress but is a great early portfolio of some of Adam's work)

Justin Lind