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TWC #8 - Slow Flow Yoga with Pixie Kastrup


This is a very unique episode. Pixie is my favorite yoga teacher and the person whom I credit with making yoga meaningful and lasting part in my life. She has a fantastic understanding and passion for yoga and exudes an amazing energy in her classes. I could say so many positive things about her but I will save most of it for the episode that she comes on (coming soon!).

This episode is a cool way for me to help her out. Her mother wanted a recording of her "Slow Flow" class for when she is out of town. Pixie asked to borrow my digital recorder to record the class for her mom. We decided that posting it as a podcast would be a very mutually beneficial idea. She can now point her students to a free recording of one of her classes and this show will benefit from the broadened listener-ship. This episode will also serve a neat preview for her appearance on the show. Please see below for how to find out more about Pixie.


Facebook: Pixie Yoga Flow

Justin Lind