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TWC #9 - Mobility Talk with Patrick O'Hea

Patrick is a local physical therapist and very knowledgeable about all things mobility and corrective movement. I first met him through C Street CrossFit where I coach and he teaches a mobility class twice each month. He is very passionate about what he does and I very much enjoyed sitting down to speak with him. I hope that you all enjoy listening to this episode as much as I enjoyed making it. Please see below for a video that he made of one of his recent mobility classes.

I would like the include one Appendix to this episode. We use the term kyphosis or kyphotic a lot. Neither of really define the term for those that are not familiar with it. I also forgot to include it in the intro. Kyphosis is basically what develops for poor posture and is characterized by a very tight and rounded thoracic spine (T-spine). You've all seen it...imagine the rounded, hunched back that develops in elderly people or those who spend long hours at a desk or slouching. Kyphosis is a huge problem in the Western world and is a large focus of our discussion. Please see the Wikipedia page for Kyphosis for more clarification.


Justin Lind