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TWC #10 - Pixie Kastrup

The "purse"that Pixie's daughter made for me while we spoke. Thank you Rumi Moon!

The "purse"that Pixie's daughter made for me while we spoke. Thank you Rumi Moon!

The guest of this episode is Pixie Kastrup. She is yoga teacher in the Ventura and Santa Barbara area and the person who helped me to realize what a powerful tool yoga can be. She has a very interesting background and a unique and inspiring outlook on life. I was absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to sit down for this podcast. She is one of the original guests I had in mind in beginning this podcast an this interview proved to be even more interesting than I had hoped. I had prepared a list of questions and topics that I wanted to cover and I never even removed my notebook my backpack. Perhaps there will be a second episode to follow.

See below for a bio of Pixie from her website and make sure to check her out via all of the links at the bottom:

A passion for teaching drew Pixie all over the globe, and into the most vibrant realms of yoga. A mother, activist and lover of life she has brought the rhythms of nature onto the mat with a dynamic practice that follows the lunar cycle. Pixie believes yoga is a perfect reflection of the cycles of life and matches each day's practice to the energy of the seasons. No two classes are the same, which adds to the sacredness and awesome sense of fun.

Pixie's yoga style is a powerful blend of vinyasa and prana flow that taps deep into inner strength and fluidity. The challenging practice is drenched in a sense of lightness, renewal and joy. Pixie has lived and studied yoga in India where she received a certificate in yoga therapy. She has a degree in Kinesiology, has worked as a private wellness coach and currently studies with yoga masters Shiva Rea, Mark Whitewall and Guru Singh. Pixie leads private, group and intensive classes abroad, and gives back to the community through JuxtaPose, a charitable program that builds bridges between the yoga community and local businesses.


Facebook: Pixie Yoga Flow



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