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TWC #15 - Elana Meta

Elana Meta is a dancer, teacher, choreographer and so much more. I came to know her at Wanderlust Whistler after watching her perform and attending her Breaking WaVes class. She is a beautiful mover, a beautiful person, and creator of the Meta Method, a way for people to connect with their bodies and create the time and space for personal growth. The Meta Methods provides a framework to find your path and access your true potential.

In this episode, Elana shares her story and how she came to connect her dance and movement with a larger message. We talk about self-work, developing a personal practice to insert some mindfulness and "response-ability" into your actions, and much more. 

This was a truly special conversation. She exudes so much conviction in her message and her path. Her commitment to truly live it inspires. I invite you to listen and share in our conversation. Enjoy.

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