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TWC #11 - Krystal Pearson of Blue Jasmin Acupuncture

The guest of this episode is Krystal Pearson. Krystal is an acupuncturist and herbalist (operating her own practice called Blue Jasmin Acupuncture) and a kundalini yoga teacher. She has a wonderful story to tell about her own health and spiritual journey and where she wants it take her next. She also shares some amazing insight and wisdom gained from her own acupuncture, yoga, and meditative practices.

Krystal is one of the most unique and positive individuals in my life and has been on the top of my list of guests since the inception of this podcast. She is a light that truly shines bright and I hope you find as much joy in listening to this episode as I felt in making it. Enjoy!

Where to connect with Krystal:

Website: Blue Jasmin Acupuncture

Facebook: Blue Jasmin Acupuncture and Krystal Pearson

Justin Lind