Remote Coaching + custom program design

Initial Consultation

We will have a FREE 1-hour, face-to-face video interview to discuss your history, goals, strengths, and limitations. I also ask you to submit a few photos/videos of critical movements and positions.

You can't improve what you don't measure.

Individually Designed Program

After I understand your movement patterns, lifestyle factors, and limitations, I will design a completely individualized program to meet your goals, target your limitation, and advance your health and fitness journey.

Monthly Consultation

We will follow up monthly via 1-hour video chats to monitor your progress and develop a closer relationship. In addition to your daily program we will delve deeper into your sleep, recovery, nutrition, stress, and lifestyle factors that affect your fitness progress.

On-Going Support

I will provide constant feedback on your results and thoughts from each training session. We will be in constant communication to make any tweaks necessary for you to achieve optimal results and maintain your excitement and commitment to the program. I am also always at your disposal for any questions regarding nutrition and lifestyle habits. I am more than a programmer and coach. I am your ally and partner on your health and fitness journey.

Cost - $220/month

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