-Jennifer Charrett - Ventura, CA

I took a CrossFit fundamentals class with Justin. Although I had previous experience, I had lost confidence in my ability to properly execute movements with fears of flaring up old injuries. Justin was consistently patient and encouraging. He broke steps down clearly, always coming up with different ways to explain a movement or concept to find something most relate-able to each individual in class. 

With his curious, analytical mind and disciplined self practice, you can't help but perform better at whatever it is he is coaching. He strives to empower self-reliant, smart and confident athletes. Get him going on a health or fitness topic, and he will give you a heaping helping of informed guidance. He's well-read and well-practiced; and most importantly, he is eager to share the full depth of his knowledge. In short, he's the real deal in coaching.

Debi Couch Matlock - Ventura, CA

Like millions of Americans, on January 1, 2014 my resolution was to lose weight and get back into shape. Of those millions of Americans, only 6 of us were lucky enough to join C Street Barbell Crossfit and to have Justin Lind as our coach for the initial one month mechanics course that would prepare us for joining regular Crossfit workouts.

We were  a mixed bunch to say the least. Three were young or youngish and in pretty good shape. Three of us were in not so great shape (to say the least), and one of those (me) was 60 years old. From the very first class Justin encouraged us to work to the best of our personal abilities always offering modifications to allow us to participate in each workout based on our capabilities at that time. Justin's knowledge was evident from the beginning. He worked us through each new skill methodically and by the end of the one month class we were all greatly improved thanks to Justin's guidance.   

After joining the regular Crossfit workouts Justin continued to be my coach frequently. Again the attendees on any given day were a group that ranged from highly skilled CF'r's to the recently graduated newbies. In these classes Justin was extremely skilled at having each person in class work out at their own level. He continued to offer modifications when necessary and mentor the more skilled class members on improving their form and skills.

Joining a program like Crossfit can be intimidating for anyone and was especially so for someone my age and starting condition. Thanks to Justin's supportive guidance I completed the mechanics course and 10 months later am still attending Crossfit classes at least 3 times a week. I will always be extremely grateful that I was fortunate enough to have Justin as my starting coach and owe him a huge debt of gratitude for his guidance and support. He is an outstanding coach and all around good guy.

Amy Wiggins - Ventura, CA

Having Justin as my coach always feels like an overwhelming amount of positive energy and support. You can see and feel the pride in him when you excel and are able to complete your WOD. Coach Justin does a wonderful job at breaking down the components of each movement and reviewing them before a WOD for a quick refresher. Justin is always a constant force of encouragement and motivation. He is able to push everyone to the limit while being able to individualize workouts to accommodate everyone. Love Coach Justin!