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What I'm up to Now...

Updated: October 25, 2017

I'm currently in Wellington, New Zealand.

This has been home since August 8, 2017 but I can only call it home for another week. On November first, Marika and I head to the South Island for a week of hiking (or as Kiwi's say, tramping).

Our plan is bike the Queen Charlotte Track then hike/kayak the Abel Tasman Track.

We're pretty excited to see parts of NZ that we haven't yet experienced. Perhaps most of all though, we're excited to visit the Pic's Peanut Butter factory.

We're flying home to California on November 16, just in time for Thanksgiving, my brother's birthday, and the arrival my best friend's first-born.


I've been working really hard on both this website and my new coaching website.

I've always struggled between the dichotomy between a personal blog to share my thoughts on intentional living and having a professional coaching web presence. My thoughts on life and fitness obviously overlap significantly but they never seemed to fit into a single website that I was happy with. Partitioning them into separate sites seems so obvious a solution in hindsight, but at least it only took my 3 years to find it.

I'm currently booking workshops (kettlebells and gymnastics) for November and December in southern California and for the first half of 2018 around the Western States.

I'm still contributing to Breaking Muscle weekly. I've just concluded a 9-part series on how to do a freestanding handstand and just published first piece of a 5-part series on achieving your first strict pull-up. You find all of these on my Breaking Muscle coach page. Next, I'm planning to create in-depth, comprehensive video tutorials of the "Big-6" kettlebell movements.

I'm extremely excited about some upcoming projects with Marika. When we return to the US in a few weeks we plan to buy a van, convert it to a camper and hit the road on January 1, 2018 (if all goes to plan). We're beginning a quest to see all 50 US States (I guess with start with the contiguous 48) and all 59 US National Parks. We don't think we'll finish this all in one swoop, but we plan to check off most of the western half during the first half of 2018.

We're also beginning a project called Super Human Things. As of now it's just a vision and a purchased URL but we have exciting plans. We aim for it to be both a platform from which to share our travel adventures and spotlight Humans who are doing Super Things for the environment, communities, health and fitness, and all other areas of human thriving.

I hope to announce the launch of it quite soon!

Odds and Ends 

I'm putting a bigger focus into running. I'm tired of being slower than I was in high school and college. We plan to complete the Imogene Pass Run next September; a 17-mile race beginning at 7,800 ft and reaching a peak elevation of 13,114 ft.