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What I'm up to Now...

Updated: June 8, 2018

I'm currently in Mammoth Lakes, CA. 

I returned from living in Wellington, New Zealand the week of Thanksgiving 2017. We immediately bought a van and began converting it into our next home. We completed the build in March and have been on the road full-time ever since.

We've directed our travels based on climbing and began in Joshua Tree, then to Red Rock Canyon, and finally here, to the Eastern Sierra Nevada. We documented the build and our travels at @super.human.things.

After 6-8 weeks in Lone Pine and Bishop, we decided to make Mammoth home. We had been trying to figure a place to stop and stay for a while. When we first came to town Marika fell in love and suggested we stay. Mammoth has been a special place for me since middle school. I immediately agreed.

We both began working this week and saw a bear yesterday afternoon.


I joined forced with Shane Trotter, one of my favorite humans, for a shared writing venture. Shane and I met through Breaking Muscle, when he invited me to a podcast interview. We immediately discovered how deeply our core values align. We have teamed up to share our writing outside our of fitness-related thoughts. Inspired Human Development is committed to examining what it means to live a meaningful life and how to develop the tools for lifelong health and fulfillment. That's a very high-minded way to say that we both share our thoughts on living a good life.

The new partnership with Shane and my recent stability and consistent schedule find me motivated to recommit to my writing practice. I've decided to begin a project that I'm called The Archive Project. That is also a silly and high-minded title for excavating and publishing things that I have written over the last 5 to 6 years. 

I have an archive of 30-50 articles that never saw publication for various reasons. I am always writing but my comfort and motivation to share my thoughts often wanes. Sometimes this is because I'm an immersed in the present and don't feel compelled to stop and share. Mostly though, insecurities creep in during the brief window between writing and publishing. The Archive Project is an exercise in growth and vulnerability. I'm going to publish old pieces completely unedited but include the date, commentary of where my life was at the time of writing, and how I feel about those thoughts now. 

In this theme, I published an older article that I've always loved but never published as my first piece on IHD. Its about how much modern society robs us our personal movement freedom.

Odds and Ends

I recently took a 70-ft fall rock climbing. Other than a sprained ankle and fried nerves, I am fine. My ankle is healing well and I'm climbing again.

Living in Mammoth has me jonesing to mountain bike. I love riding but haven't lived an area with good trails for a while. I'm currently on the hunt for a bike.

We originally built the van with a hand-pump faucet at the sink. That broke and we have been living out of bottles for weeks. Last weekend, I installed a real kitchen faucet and an electric pump. The upgrade is amazing and it felt great to work on the van again.