Hi, I'm Justin — writer, coach, skateboard designer

Portrait of site's author, Justin Lind, wearing a white t-shirt, dark green jacket, standing in front of a red brick wall.

I am building Skate & Create, a skateboarding and art based after-school program with the mission to bring more creativity and autonomy to elementary education.

My weekly-ish Substack, Extracurricular is the home for all of my writing. I mostly write about human nature, culture, education, and creativity. I'm also sharing the journey of building a skateboarding non-profit.

I've been sharing my writing online, in one place or another, since 2013. Most of that is now archived here, here, and here.

I'm big on re-invention and extreme lifestyle changes (or maybe I'm just restless). Here's a longer telling of my background and it's many seasons and what I'm up to now.

I'm trying to be better at Twitter/X: @justinmlind

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