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Last updated on March 22, 2024 from work.

Skateboard Engineer

I'm currently an engineer for a very long-standing, some might say "legendary" skateboard company. The best part of my job is working with our professional riders (and prospective pros) to design their custom models. Sometimes my job involves riding the boards I design. It's a surreal job for a life-long skateboarder turned reluctant engineer.
Soon my arrangement here will change, though I'm yet sure how, to allow me the time and freedom to run Skate & Create.

Skate & Create

Skate & Create is a skateboarding and art based after-school program that my wife and I will launch in a few months. We are currently in the fundraising phase. This is our biggest focus at the moment and there will be new updates very soon.
You can learn more at:

Write of Passage

I was a student for Write of Passage Cohort 11 last fall. It was such a wonderful experience (and because when I love something I feel the need to get behind the scenes) that I am returning for Cohort 12, now called Bootcamp, as a Coach.
If you want to become a better write, get more confident sharing your ideas, and meet some like-spirited people, I encourage you to sign up by April 5.


Marika and I got married (twice) last year. One traditional-ish wedding in CA, then a second smaller one in Switzerland with her Swiss family.